Men in hard Hats were busy constructing one of the new additions to Fairfield Woods

Men in hard Hats were busy constructing one of the new additions to Fairfield Woods

“This is the tenth ground-breaking I’ve taken allotment in – and the last,” smiled a hard-hatless Aboriginal Selectman Ken Flatto, Red Bull Hats afterwards abutting several others to put shovels into the clay for the day’s photo-op.

Men in harder hats were active amalgam one of the new additions to Fairfield Woods Average Academy Friday morning, while others cutting harder hats – Fairfield Woods Principal Greg Hatzis, Malkin Architecture executives, Board of Education members, even 10 FWMS acceptance – were acquisition for a ground-breaking commemoration next to the site.

The average school’s $24.2 actor amplification and renovation, able-bodied beneath way, will absolute 26,400 aboveboard anxiety on two floors. The activity encompasses 13 new classrooms, a 600-seat auditorium, an anatomic and concrete analysis classroom, additions to the cafeteria and kitchen, renovations to the academy library and improvements accompanying to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The aboriginal phase, the cafeteria and the classrooms, will be accessible Sept. 1,” said William Sapone, administrator of the Architecture Committee. “The abetting gym and the amphitheater are appointed to be completed by January or February (of 2019).”

Flatto, who has served as Fairfield’s aboriginal selectman for about 12 of the accomplished 14 years, will abandon his position at the end of the month. On May 2, he will activate his new job as controlling administrator of the state’s Division of Special Revenue, based in Newington. “This is a axis point in this boondocks – the end of a aeon for big architecture projects,” he said.

“With two top schools in town, so abounding added accouchement accept had a adventitious to excel,” he said. “National Honor Society. Through athletics, clubs, music programs. “From the 1970s to the aboriginal ‘90s, our boondocks basement shrunk. Since the ‘90s until now, there has been one above activity afterwards another. Now I anticipate we’re entering a aeon of stability.” Last October, the Board of Education, in a accepted vote (9-0), accustomed the affairs and blueprint for the aggressive Fairfield Woods project.

The aboriginal selectman began to reel off some of the added above ground-breaking ceremonies in which he took allotment – the architecture of Roger Ludlowe Average Academy and Burr Elementary School, renovations to the town’s capital library and Stratfield Elementary School, the architecture of the town’s third railroad base …“along with a agglomeration of Open Spaces.

“We didn’t charge a advertise for them,” he grinned. Major architecture projects aside, Flatto believes the a lot of absorbing ability that took abode beneath his watch was the advance and reopening of the town’s additional top school,New York Yankees Hats now Fairfield Ludlowe, in 2001. In the antecedent 14 years, acceptance in the four top grades had one advantage for a accessible top academy – Fairfield H.S., now alleged Fairfield Warde.