Short hair is suitable for wear what kind of hats

Short hair is suitable for wear what kind of hats

In our usual Wholesale New Era Hats collocation not care about the length of hair wearing hat matters, but about cap collocation and the length of the hair also has the very big relations, about long hair for the hat and short hair for the hat, the hat network everyone to introduce short hair for collocation hat.

If you are short of girl, more standard face, according to the first hair color pick hat, usually try to avoid selecting and her hair is the same as the color of the New Era Hats Wholesale, can choose and hair similar color hat, dare to try or good collocation, you can consider using contrast color collocation.

With duck Cheap New Era Hats good-looking, had better be black so can cool, then match the shorts to wear a pantyhose, must be very fashionable and beautiful.

In fact, I think short hair with a New Era Caps and convenient, the winter can wear a cold cap or MaoXianMao, hats, great is the most do not consider the factors, summer hair wearing a baseball cap and gentleman cap are suitable for short people.

Summer comes also considered summer the sun is bigger, radiation is stronger, suggest you wear black, white, grey, silver pure color or mix the nut along with the sun hat if think airtight still can choose the head that piece of cloth that no, with short hair MM dress should be very cool.

Short New York Yankees Caps collocation and one of the important factors, is to see the color of skin, the skin white people take what color should be right still, black words don’t DaiTaiLiang’s. Secondly, tie-in dress time is different also, if it is white with dark clothes, pants, trousers, choose according to the color of the hat and pants are similar or the same. If it is set, then according to the color of the suit, the matching suit color deep some must is a color.

In winter, short hair cap collocation is mainly according to its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, again good thing does not necessarily must be for you. It is cool and fashion a little small along with the hat, melting and lovely girls wear MaoXianMao words also quite good, it is a character of the girl, a baseball cap is always the fashion choice.