Snapback Hats Wholesale Online

Snapback Hats Wholesale Online

1, first according to their own hair length, with the appropriate size of the curling iron will all hair very hot rolls. Note that when the direction of the hair must be like a model, to the (a) direction, scroll to the back of the hairstyle steps ready, Cheap Snapback Hats.

2, the hair split. 3, on the side of the temple or eyebrow end extension cord position, a duck mouth card. Because the first step to hair iron to f () curly hair volume, then clip the hair will naturally upward roll up bending.

4, in the hands of a small amount daub, finalize the design product, with the hand along the direction of the hair curly hair curls, hold a little hard, stay a few seconds time, help hair forming.

5, will the rest of the hair with hand a little do a rotary screw, let the hair roll more obvious, roughly cylindrical form, with clamp fixed. The last remaining hair end part, if your hair is very long, wan into a simple bun. If it is similar to the model in such short hair, can not do any processing, small volume and slightly messy hair end can add a dynamic whole hairstyle.

6, finally put on the hat, modeling is finished. Wholesale New Era Hats control takes a look at the introduction of these about hat long collocation method.